Orion is a suite of solutions designed to enhance the guest experience and drive booking management for hoteliers. Our innovative software can be integrated with the website and booking platform, allowing customers to seamlessly book their stay while enjoying a customized experience. Maximize your hotel's potential with Orion!



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Rising inflation and energy prices are increasing operational costs, putting pressure on hotels to raise management and human resource costs.


Uncertain control over adequate cash flow, leading to funds not being invested into operations to make payments, which may compromise guest satisfaction.

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There are so many booking channels available that it is difficult to meet customer demands due to an asset or capital bandwidth limitations.

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With the old PRM system causing missing information and increasing the cyber security risk to the targeting strategy, hotels are struggling to rapidly generate new and ongoing revenue.


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Set in place an immediately proficient protocol for responding to adverse feedback and leveraging good service to help market hotel rooms.

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Implementing an automation-service guest portal to facilitate quick check-in and check-out services, as well as allowing guests to request their own services.

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Create a broad advertising funnel and increase customer trust by rebranding the website.

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Reduce management expenses by utilizing a best-of-breed PMS system, automation tools to replace manual tasks, and aid in data management named Orion, a robust, cyber security, and management-first web app with an intuitive customer experience.


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Create an improved user experience as the business moves to software as a service (SaaS) applications.

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Preparing for data solutions when used in conjunction promotes collaboration among agencies who need business plan access, such as agricultural engineers or farmers.

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Farmers understand the vision, how their business will achieve its goals and how they can contribute to this in their own roles.

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Reduces marketing costs by 30-50 percent.

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Building clarity of the decision-making process regarding key aspects of the agriculture business such as capital investments, leases, resourcing, etc.

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A business plan that answers questions about profitability and revenue generation is often required to attract credit from a bank or capital from investors.

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Orion allows our hotel manager immediate visibility of reservations, availability, and guest arrivals. It's

the ideal all-in-one platform. Discover Orion to reach your own experience!