Software Product Development

DISION Tech offers Software product development services for large enterprises to small ones, that meet today’s fast-paced business environment.

What is Software Product Development?

Software product development is a repetitive logical process that aims to build a programmed software product to mark a unique personal or business goal, process or objective. Basically, it’s a process is creating a comprehensive vision for the product or service.

Agile software development is a methodology that has gained immense popularity in recent years. It is a way of developing software that emphasizes collaboration, flexibility and customer satisfaction. In DISION Tech, we use Agile software development, especially Scrum and Kanban which is a more responsive and adaptable approach that focuses on customer satisfaction and delivering value.

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Continuous improvement

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We prioritize customer safety. To minimize user risks, we design and develop software with user safety in mind, including the implementation of appropriate warning systems, error-handling mechanisms, and user education and training materials.

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Requirement adaptability

We adapt to changing project requirements, technological advancements, and emerging industry trends. The ability to pivot quickly and adjust to changing circumstances is essential for success in the fast-paced world of software development.

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We aim to develop high-quality software that meets the needs of our customers. When creating software products, software developers must prioritize user experience, design, and functionality.

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Continous improvement

We recognize that change is inevitable in any software development project. Hence, we are always ready for it.

Software Product Development Process

A solid development process and methodology ensure that our software product is developed efficiently and effectively, meeting the needs of the customers and ultimately contributing to the success of the business.

1 Discover

Projects are envisioned, designed and prioritized. We choose a methodology such as agile, scrum or kanban that helps to guide the work process for the project.

2 Plan

Break the big ideas down into manageable chunks across our team with user stories, issues and tasks.

3 Building and testing

Our development teams work to build production-ready software that meets requirements and feedback. CI/CD pipelines ensure an efficient developer experience.

4 Deploy

With code written, tested and merged, it’s time to ship it.

5 Operate

Support and maintenance are required for active software projects


Security first

The software handling today’s data is under assault and it’s the software not firewalls, intrusion detection systems or anything else that’s behind the majority of successful cyberattacks. For us, protecting information is paramount, as it’s at the epicentre of every business process and relationship.

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Continuous feedback

By gathering continuous feedback internally, DISION Tech can improve our processes and increase value to customers.

Our Tech Stack

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